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This site is since 23 august 2000 online!.

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About 400 custom Zoom 505 Patches uploaded!08 okt. 2000
A lot of new Links Added!06 okt. 2000
2 Cool guitars uploaded!06 okt. 2000
Results of the best guitar player poll!01 okt. 2000
new Links Added!29 sept. 2000
Guitar effects - what they do Page Uploaded!29 sept. 2000
Guitars Straps Page Uploaded!29 sept. 2000
Guitar Inlay Gallery Uploaded!24 sept. 2000
5 Ibanez Guitars Uploaded!24 sept. 2000
Links Page Refreshed!24 sept. 2000
Currently 540 Pics on my site! I first said 963, but that was a mistake, Sorry.06 okt. 2000
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