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U.S. Web Sites - For Guitar Slingers Everywhere
A History Lesson "The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History provides this new site, which celebrates the evolution of the electric guitar. Although new, the site is based on an exhibit at the NMAH that took place in 1996 and 1997. From Frying Pan to Flying V:
The Rise of the Electric Guitar

It contains sections on the invention process, the commercial success of the instrument, and the development of its design. The centerpiece of the site, however, is the annotated gallery of 40 guitars ranging from acoustic to electric to "innovative design." A section explaining how guitars work (with selected sound clips) completes the site."
(Quoted from "Scout Report", Febr. 14 '98)
Magazines Guitar Nine Records On-Line Mag.
Guitar Player Magazine
Guitar World Magazine
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Vintage Guitar Magazine
Electric Guitar

Tom Anderson Guitarworks
Paul Reed Smith
Robin Guitars

The Unofficial Carvin Museum
of Guitar History
. Visit!
Guitar Pickups Seymour Duncan
Bill Lawrence
Linear Pickups NEW LINK!
Amplifier Manufacturers
Armadillo Amp Works
Dr. Z Amplification
Hoffman Vintage Tube Amps
Holland Amplifiers
Mesa Boogie
Torres Engineering
The VOX Showroom

Amp Tubes Antique Electronic Supply
Groove Tubes
New Sensor Corp. (Sovtek)
Electronics, Speakers, Pedals, Amp Improvement Mike Baker
      guitarist and gizmo maker!!!
Soundsmith, Inc. amp imp
Way Huge Electronics pedals, effects
Weber Vintage Sound Technology
      speaker elements - and more!!!
Dealers (retail)
(most of them dealing in vintage guitars)

Buster's Music and Guitars
Collector's Choice
Mike Coulsonīs Fine Vintage Guitars
D.R. Guitars
Eighth Street Music
Elderly Musical Instruments
Fender Japan Web Shop (Japan)
Flabby Musical Supply
Fred's Music Shop
Freedom Guitar
Fuller's Vintage Guitar
Gary's Classic Guitars
Gruhn Guitars Links Galore!
The Guitar Broker
Guitar Center: The Vintage Guitars Network
Guitar Gallery
Guitar Villa
Haight Ashbury Music Center
Jeff's Guitars
Mandolin Bros. Links galore!
Mechanicland (Canada)
Mr. Music Inc.
Neal's Guitars
Real Guitars
Rod & Hank's Vintage Guitars
Rudy's Music Stop
Rumble Seat Music
Southpaw Guitars
Steve's Music Store (Canada)
Stringed Instrument Division
Sunrise Vintage Guitars
Toys from the Attic
Tundra Music (Canada)
Virginia Beach Vintage Guitars Inc.
World Class Guitars
Links & Info Galore! NEW LINK!
Gateway to a galaxy of guitar sites!

Martin's Guitar Page:
Excellent collection of guitar-related links, assembled by Martin Pettersson, Sweden

Harmony Central
Internet Resource for Musicians

'the largest musical item locator on the WWW...
Now, search through over 1 million musical items and over 100 dealers to find the musical item of your choice...'
GuitarBase: The Vintage Guitar Community

Vintage Guitar collector info

Technical Guitar
FAQs and Digests
collected from various news groups by Tim Stanley at University of Michigan

Zardoz: Guitar Mods
Wiring modifications etc.

The Guitar Haven
online resource for guitarists. A must to visit!
Acoustics Martin
Dobro & Steel Dobro
National Reso-Phonic Guitars
Pedal Steel Pages
Wanna Learn How To Play? Homespun Tapes
iSong - Interactive Sheet Music
The Online Guitar College
Books & Videos The Bold Strummer, Ltd.
JK Lutherie

Swedish Web Sites
Retailers GMF Guitar Parts
mail order with nifty web site!   NEW LINK!
HBL, Uppsala
Jackson, Ovation, Kubicki...
Homesick Mac
Continental, Johnson and National Reso-Phonic Guitars... NEW URL!
LH Musik & Audio AB, Nacka
Burns guitars, Sovtek tubes and amps, Torres guitar parts, Bosse Winberg Signature amps...
Guitar Builders Paul Guy Guitars, Stockholm

So you're in Sweden, looking for that elusive Strat '62?
Vintage Guitars in Stockholm, handled by Rikard Magnevill and Claes Parmland, might be able to help you!
Send for their catalogue (6 issues/year). Tempting stuff!
If you recognize the name Claes Parmland, check out the band Blues Down Town.