This is very important: I'm not trying to sell something,
but I just only want to give you an example what these guitars cost.
These prices are from a store in netherlands called Feedback Muziek
I'm not taking any credit for this, the credits go to Feedback Muziek
These Prices are in Dutch currency
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Ibanez UV 777 PBK

Thee Universe 777 PBK: Equiped with the Lo-Pro Edge 7 tremolo and the wide-range DiMarzio's (Blaze) is this guitar good for multiple music styles. From hardcore and alternative metal to electric jazz. Steve Vai, Petrucci, Korn and Fear Factory, they all use this guitar
UV 777 PBK

RG 7620

The superhit of Ibanez. It has a cool sound, because of the low b-string and deliverable with or without tremolo. Limp Bizkit, Korn, Fear Factory and Orgy all bands who use this guitar.

Ibanez SS 140 RD

Beautiful red isn't ugly! This Ibanez quality guitar, is equiped with a maple fingerboard, 2x single-coil and a humbucker.


Ibanez RG 270 DX

The perfect guitar for the metal-fan. The fast lookand the playability of this Ibanez makes him to a grown-up hardrockguitar. 2 cool Ibanez humbuckers + 1 single-coil, wizard neck and shark tooth inlays. We will rock you!

Ibanez JS 1000
Joe Satriani

One of the monsterguitars of Ibanez. Designed for Joe Satriani ofcourse, but because of the beautiful tone, the sensitive sustain, the DiMarzio's and the dreamneck.


Ibanez JPM 100 John Petrucci
Green camouflage! Equiped with a clever placed toggel switch, lo-edge bridge and Dimarzio pick-ups. A beauty!


Ibanez Jem 555
Ibanez Began building Steve Vai's dreamguitar 10 years ago, the Jem-serie. The Jem 555 is an allround guitar with a fast thin neck; DiMarzio Evolution pick-ups, Floyd Rose tremolo, beautiful inlays, the absolute hit of the Jem-serie.
JEM 555 WH2
JEM 555 BL f.2.299,-



No. H950574


Well, eh... and now something completely different!! On the WWW I found Iceman specialist Mark Hartman. He had an ad for the Classic and the LTD. It was love at first sight. Sito and I own a LTD

(Check Sito's PaulStanleys Page.)

It is a very luxe model with gold hardware and a metallic black finish. Has a nice Abalone binding and fretboard inlays. An icecool guitar!! I played it at the CD party of "Noar de Blixem" at the Lantaarn Hellendoorn, witch is the home of the blues of eastern Holland. Most guitarists are seen there with old classic models like Strats and Tele's. So I was very glad they didn't throw beerbottels at me!



No. H805690


And this the original stuff. A Paul Stanley from 1980!
With original case. Has a nice Abalone binding and fretboard inlays.


For more cool Paul Stanley and Iceman Info you should definitely visit the one and only

Mark Hartmans Iceman Page





No. H902221


Yeah 7strings man!
Designed by the great Steve Vai!!! Has an extra low B string 0.54

The multicolor finish is quiet rare.
It looks like the body is sawn out of a massive block of marble!!!
From my friend Eddy Veijer.


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no serial number


And now something quit different. As you probably know that Gibson made a few experimental guitars in '58. This is a '76 copy of the Moderne. In those days Ibanez did copy almost everything which looked a bit like a guitar! Also this one. It is in my opinion the most ugly classic! Even now Ephiphone reissues the old experimentals from Gibson. Except .......The Moderne. So it is still the ugliest guitar ever!!I t has a set in neck. A lot of the copy's were bolt on. In fact it is a very good one. With original case. Eh.., that thing looks like it was run over by a truck. My God!



No. C 781178


From Bert Louissen. He used only the 12 string, so.
Al Schaller tuners are mounted!!! Has bolt/on necks.
Looks cool but this one is really heavy! So I use it as less as possible!