This is very important: I'm not trying to sell something,
but I just only want to give you an example what these guitars cost.
These prices are from a store in netherlands called Feedback Muziek
I'm not taking any credit for this, the credits go to Feedback Muziek
These Prices are in Dutch currency

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Fender Squier
Strat Pack/Tele Pack

I wan't to play guitar, but don't know how to begin? On this faq is a simple answer: a guitar, a case, a plectrum, an amplifier, a kabel and a instructionvideo. With Squire Stratocaster or Telecaster.
Strat Pack

Tele Pack f.599,-

Squier Standard Strat
this many-sided Strat has 3 single-coil pickups, and the Fat-version has got 2 single-coils and a humbucker, and the Double Fat-version has 2 humbuckers.
Squier Standard
Squier Fat f.575,-
Squier Double Fat

Fender Strat USA Corona

Made in de U.S.A. thisare real American Fenders. This is the Corona-serie, they are deliverable like Stratocaster and Telecaster, they are really good and cheap!

Hot Rodded
American Series
Big Apple, Lonestar, Roadhouse

  • Roadhouse f.3.199,-
  • Lonestar vanaf f.2.499,-
  • Big Apple f.2.375,-

The Roadhouse Strat is a real Stratocaster, equiped whit the legendary Texas Special single coils. The Lonestar has the same on the neck- en middle-positions, but has a Custom Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Plus humbucker on the bridge. The Big Apple is the most deviating of the standard Strat, with the Pearly Gates Plus at the bridge and the famous Seymour Duncan '59 humbucker as neck-element.

Fender Big Apple HT/Lonestar
Fender calls this the Hot Rodded-serie. These are special strats: the Big Apple, the Lone-star and the Roadhouse. equipedwith Seymour Duncan humbuckers and/or Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Pick-ups and delivered in a black tolex case.

Lonestar: f.2.499,-

Big Apple HT