This is very important: I'm not trying to sell something,
but I just only want to give you an example what these guitars cost.
These prices are from a store in netherlands called Feedback Muziek
I'm not taking any credit for this, the credits go to Feedback Muziek
These Prices are in Dutch currency
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 CATALYST instruments

A guitar out of one piece! The SoundCompound causes the maximum resonance, infinite sustain, not sensible for temperature and damp (so, 1x adjusting is enough). It doesn't only sound good, but it looks good to. It's not odd that Jan Akkerman has build his dreamguitar by Catalyst.

Godin SD / Radiator

The canadian brand Godin has gained a place between the bigger companies. Two remarkable hand-made Godin's under the f.1000,- are the SD and the Radiator. They have both a soft silver leaf maple body and a hard rock maple neck, the Radiator has two extra soundchambers in the body for more tone development. The SD with tremolo and humbucker/single/single pick-ups and the Radiator with two special single-coils.


Radiator f.799,-

Yamaha Pacifica 112 X / 812 W
Cheered because of his appearence, and of his finish, admired because of his sound(single & single-humb) and loved because of his price!. The Pacifica 112 X Natural. Since a long time the guitar for the serious, starting guitar player. For the advanced guitar players: the Pacifica 812 W wich is expensiver because of the Seymour Duncan elements and Wilkinson tremolo.

PRS Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Paul Reed Smith makes only guitar with high qwaulity. De instruments eperate themself because of the beautiful finish, the best enamels are used, professionally sprayed and carefully selected wood! The body's are made out of mahonie, provided with a thick layer maple. The necks are deliveable in different shape and are provided with a royale palisander fingerboard. The Classic Electric has a screwed neck and are deliverable with standard elements or fiercer sounding Dragon elements. The Custom has a glued neck and an infinite sustaine and comfortable playability.
Classic Electric:
Custom: f.5.365,-