Flying Vee Guitars
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The "J. Frog" V Skull
As beautiful as it is practical
No home should be without one
 "J. Frog" the Last Word in Radical Guitars



BC Rich Speed Vee,
A lot Sleeker and it looks like it's moving even when you're standing still,
Ebony Fingerboard, Bound Body, Bound Neck, Abalone V inlays, Flametop, Floyd Rose Tremolo,
Duncan Pickups, Double Octave Neck.

Several Dean Models, The Blue one is still available call for price

 Both of these still available 

Dean Original USA made 1979 model                     ESP  Japanese Made James Hetfield Model

This is a Gibson Flying Vee after it was Converted in my Custom Shop
New Top, New Binding, New Paint, New Electronics, New Hardware
 Built for Kevin Kalagher

Why are these guitars so expensive ??
Rosewood neck, dot inlays, cheap tuners, plastic pickguard,
This Guitar is the most expensive one on this page yet you get the least with it.
 Oh Yeah now I remember what you get... The Gibson Logo.. Shheeeeeecsh

A Group of Limited Edition Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying Vees.
 call for info

 Jackson Mustaine Model                                  Lefthanded Westberger

Jackson Korina V                                                       Kramer Rare V Bass

Very Rare Early Hamer Std Vee
This guitar was sold to Pete Fung from California

Ibanez Rocket Roll V
Ibanez is the absolute King of all the guitar counterfeiters
This company got their start by copying every single best selling American guitar ever made
 This is a fact they would like to hide from their American Customers
For some reason no one seems to mind that Ibanez was the biggest counterfeiter ever,
 I guess their advertising buys respectability.

Currently Dean is the Absolute Best Deal in A Flying Vee Shaped Guitar
The Quality is Excellent and the Playability is great

Flying Vee Made by Gary Jacobs
Neck Through Body Construction
This is one of the nicest guitars on this page
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Early Kramer with Rockinger Trem System   (Pre Floyd Rose)