ESP George Lynch Model Guitar    $1,399.00

 ESP Flying Vee Ltd Edition
This Flaming paint job available on any Guitar Green Red or Purple or any color at all
Price for FlameGraphic $500.00
Price for Clear Finish. $200.00
Please Don't call if you are just dreaming about having this done.

EMG 81 or 85 pickups only $100.00 a pair installed in prexisting guitar that we supply
This is not a misprint

Suggestion for intelligent people
These suggestions apply only to people with a basic level of intelligence.

Buy a high quality neck through body Flying Vee,  Install the EMG's  and I will do a nicer looking more detailed  Flame paint job.  You will end up with a real American high quality guitar instead of a cheesy Japaneze Bolt on. Best of all it will cost you a lot less. Yay!

Oh,  you don't like Gibson's, OK then start out with a Jackson or a BC Rich. Use a  neck through body USA made guitar it will still cost you less.  A lot less!

Oh,  you don't have much money!!  Then use a Jackson imported flying vee (Still way better quality than the ESP) I can still paint the flames, and  it will cost more than a thousand dollars less than the ESP.  Intelligent !!

If you care about name recognition,  Jackson has a much more respected name than ESP anyway.  Jackson is an American company whereas ESP is a Japaneze company.   Ooops,  I forgot this was supposed to be for intelligent people.   Intelligent people don't care about name recognition, they usually only care about mundane things like quality tone and playability.

Please don't call if you are still just dreaming about having this done.
"Remember Dream Guitars are usually for people who are dreaming"

 ESP 2000  1395.00

 ESP Custom Made Guitar  $1,795.00
Rare Reverse Lynch Limited Sharktooth Headstock,Teal Green Marbleized Paint with Gold Leaf Veining.Neck and Headstock bound in real Ebony, Real Ebony InlaysDimarzio Black Back and Seymour Duncan Hotrail. 

Real Floyd Rose (Not stock ESP)This is a one of a kind guitar absolutely like new

ESP Ouija Board Guitar

This Ouija Board paint job available on any guitar new or used
Price for Ouija Board Graphic $500.00
Price for Clear Finish. $200.00
Please don't call if you are just dreaming about having this done.

Do this paint job on a USA BC Rich, A Jackson Soloist or a Hamer Californian, Or a J Frog Glock 22