This is very important: I'm not trying to sell something,
but I just only want to give you an example what these guitars cost.
These prices are from a store in netherlands called Feedback Muziek
I'm not taking any credit for this, the credits go to Feedback Muziek
These Prices are in Dutch currency
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Gibson Les Paul Studio

The absolute bestseller of Gibson. Pure guitar, without fuss, without finery, but with character and charisme. A real Guitar so, a real Gibson.

SG Special Gibson
SG, that means: Solid Guitar, this is a real beauty of guitargiant Gibson, it is a pure electric guitar.

ES / L 4 / L 5 / Tal Farlow

LP Elegant

With abalone inlays and the dynamic sound chambers which give the guitar a highed tone-response .

Epiphone ES 335 'The Dot'
Epiphone makesthe legendary ES 335, nicknamed 'The Dot', reachable for everyone. this semi-acoustic classic with sustainblock sound fantastic, plays good and has a good finish.

Were are the Gibson Explorers, you think.... Go to my Explorer Collection
with in total 21 Explorers!!!!!.

Epiphone Les Paul Special II
The most payable Les Paul, theSpecial II with screwed neck, two humbuckers and a tune-o-matic bridge. Deliverable in sunburst whit a maple body or in the cherryred with a mahogany body.

Gibson SG std. Cherry / Epiphone G 400

The extremely-elektric-guitar: the Gibson Solid Guitar. Indispensablein a guitar collection with still the indispensable sound. And ofcourse the one and only color: Heritage Cherry.

This guitar is equipedwith a dubble humbucker for the better sound.


BC Rich was the one who the Heelless Neckthru-design introduced, the first one who splitted a humbucker (coiltap), integrated it into a build-in active elektronic circuit, and who was the first who used DiMarzio pick-ups in his hand-madeguitars. With the introduction of exotic wood and exclusive finishes and drawings came clear that the BC Rich-guitars must be counted to the most exclusive, extravagance and innovating guitars. Until today does BC-Rich deliver good guitars and basses, wich because of the wood, elements, pioneering elektronic and finishing, and because of the great option of the divergent styles of music and musician, the instruments made on measure
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Gibson - Smartwood Exotics
This is simply a serie Les Paul Studio's, equiped with gold hardware and two but extremely exclusive modificatiions: the fingerboard isn't made of rosewood but of the exotic wood curapay, ant the top is made out of: curapay, taperyva guasu, cancharana, peroba, banara, amaby guasa instead of maple. The guitar is equiped with a matt, transparant finish. 'Smartwood' means that the used wood is chopped down under supervision. next to that, a part of the money goes to the Rain Forest Alliance. An exclusive, environmenfriendly and a Gibson guitar in one.
Prijs f.2.799,-